Joost de Kluijver

Founder and Director of Closing the Loop (CTL)

As the Founder and Director of Closing the Loop (CTL), Joost de Kluijver has brought urban mining to Asia and Africa. His organization buys broken mobile phones (e-waste) in emerging markets, enabling their proper recycling. Joost also worked for several years in the electronics re-use industry, co-owning a company with activities in Holland, Italy and Indonesia. He now uses his experience to “make mobile phone usage sustainable”.

CTL sets up practical waste collection projects in collaboration with the informal industry, in Asia and Africa. This has resulted in two million scrap phones being saved from local dumps. The concept leads to less waste and less pollution, while adding to urban mining, to clean jobs in poor countries and to awareness on waste management. The projects of CTL have grown considerably in recent years, also thanks to CTL’s European partners and customers. Joost developed innovative circular services and propositions, such as ‘material offsetting’, for these stakeholders. Such circular services allow those that work with CTL to co-own – and expand – the positive impact of urban mining.

Joost has also worked for Accenture and the Global Reporting Initiative.