Henri Balsan

Chairman Advancity Cluster

Henri Balsan has an Engineering Degree with Ecole Centrale (1977) and an Executive MBA with HEC (1988). Henry has 10 years experience in the high-tech and telecommunication field in France and globally, with the construction of FO infrastructure and the deployment of GSM networks. He has 20 years experience in the energy sector, public works and community services, together with an extensive knowledge of public transport (Metro, Tramway, High Speed Train). Currently he is Ile-de-France (Paris area) Regional Director of ENGIE, a global energy player, who develops its business around a model based on responsible growth to tackle the major challenges of the energy transition and sustainable development. ENGIE innovates and develop new technologies focused on smart city, decentralized energy and green mobility. He is the editor of RELIER magazine, a think tank to foster the Project for the Greater Paris.