Eng. Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al-Hammadi

Manager of Conservation & Energy Efficiency at Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA”

Eng. Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al-Hammadi has worked and managed a number of departments and committees during the period from 2005 to present while handling the various Engineering, Technical and Administrative aspects of the work required.

His current post is Manager of Conservation & Energy Efficiency at Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA”.

He’s member of  Advisory  regulatory  and operations committee –GCCIA April2014 –Present which Look after operation issues within GCC Power Grid and establishes mechanism of payments of energy among countries. Also, AlHammadi is Chairman of KAHRAMAA transmission and distribution Authorization and Connection faults Committees     2012 to Present.

He’s currently Secretary General – GCC CIGRE from Nov 2013 – Present. GCC Regional Committee for Large Electric Systems ” is devoted to encouraging and exchanging information and expertise in the field of Electricity among GCC.

Finally, he’s member of the National Rationalization Committee for Electricity and Water responsible for review and evaluation of activities, and the efforts that have been made in the field of rationalization of electricity consumption in Qatar.