Christophe Nuttall

Executive Director of the R20 Regions of Climate Action

Christophe Nuttall has been Executive Director of the R20 Regions of Climate Action since January 2012, following exchanges between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and with approval from R20’s members and partners. He has previously been Director of UNDP’s Hub for Innovative Partnerships, through which he lead the development of partnerships with local / regional authorities for the UN system. He has developed a number of initiatives, such as the Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC), which aims to chart a new low-carbon route to development at the subnational level with official recognition from the UNFCCC’s COP 16 in Cancun.

Additionally, Mr. Nuttall has been in charge of Geographic Information Systems at UNITAR (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research). He also launched the International Multi-Partnerships Initiative on access to basic services, adopted at the 2007 UN-HABITAT Board. The Initiative was later adopted at the 2009 ECOSOC, which lead to the listing of access to water as a human right in 2011.
Mr. Nuttall has an Ecological Engineering degree and a Ph.D. in Development Geography. He has worked as a space engineer at CNES (the French spatial agency), and been Scientific Advisor within the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1990 – 1992).