Cécile Dekeuwer

President of WeCo

Cécile is a lawyer for start-ups in Asia. She used to live and work in South Korea and became the legal director of LG Electronics France. She also provides some training on intercultural relationships and international business contracts. In 2011, she set up 2 local clubs of Business & Professional Women in France, an American NGO seating at the UN for gender equality. In 2014 she set up a company (WeCo) providing sustainable, high tech and design toilets converting urine into clean water through an innovative technology. All the excrements are recycled on site and clean water is produced in addition for various uses such as cleaning, watering the plants or industrial uses. Within WéCo, she is the majority shareholder, President of Strategic Committee and manages the legal issues. She is in charge of financing, strategic development, and relations with emerging countries partners and projects. Cécile is a speaker at events on sanitation, environment, women entrepreneurs or international legal issues.