Abyd Karmali

Managing Director Climate Finance Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Abyd Karmali is Managing Director, Climate Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based in London and is point person for the bank’s USD 10 billion Catalytic Finance Initiative. Mr. Karmali is also part of the team that oversees the bank’s broader financial commitment to mobilise $125 billion for low-carbon investment opportunities by 2025. He has worked for twenty-five years on climate policy, carbon markets, and new approaches to climate finance. Before joining the financial sector in 2007, he worked in management and policy consulting where he advised dozens of companies on their climate strategy and also with the UN Environment Programme in Paris where he served as Energy and Climate Change Programme officer. In 2013 Mr. Karmali was selected to serve as one of two inaugural private sector representatives to the Board of the Green Climate Fund and has advisory roles with the Global Innovation Lab on Climate Finance, and the finance committee of the Sustainable energy for ALL initiative.  He holds an MS in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.