Rod Richardson

President of Grace Richardson Foundation

Rod Richardson, as President of Grace Richardson Foundation, convenes policy design charrettes (expert working groups) to pioneer new free market solutions to critical issues stuck in partisan gridlock.  Such as: Clean Tax Cuts (CTC), the surprising application of Ronald Reagan’s supply-side tax cuts to the problems of climate and pollution.  CTC powerfully accelerates profitable clean solutions, increases ROI, accelerates investment, and also drives down cost of capital and outputs.  So CTC simultaneously increases supply and demand for clean solutions.  Earlier this year, seven transpartisan working groups of think tank experts and university scholars (altogether, the CTC working group) completed sector-specific CTC implementation plans.  Summaries and reports can be found at   Rod, Andy Sabin and Trammell Crow are currently launching the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, a donor and thought leader conclave that will guide future CTC development and other related clean capitalist friendly initiatives.  Rod is also a columnist for The American Spectator (“The Free Market Optimist”), a pioneer of original glass flow sculpting techniques, and helped build the first US mussel aquaculture farm.